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All Marshalls products are crafted to the highest quality with elegance and durability in mind.

They offer an unbeatable selection of traditional and contemporary themes, from attractive natural stone paving and walling through to a huge range of concrete manufactured products to suit all budgets and design requirements.

When you use a Marshalls Register member, you can be sure to receive:

  • Written confirmation of any quotation
  • An estimated start date
  • A reasonable estimate of the time required to do the job
  • Opportunity to take the Hard Landscape Guarantee. this covers failure of the product for 10 years and the workmanship for 5 years more.


Only a Marshalls Register Installer can offer you the unique Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee. The guarantee protects your investment with a level of cover unmatched by any other company:

  • Covers material defects for a full 10 years
  • Covers installation defects for 5 years
  • Is valid even if the Installer ceases trading
  • Is index-linked, to protect your investment against inflation
  • Is issued only when inspected and signed as satisfactory by you, the customer
  • Upon receipt of the correctly completed request form and fee, Marshalls will send your guarantee within 5 days
  • Is great value at just £50 (+VAT) per £5,000 of the installed value

Recent Marshalls Projects

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New driveway in Marshalls argent paving

This was previously a tired and sunken driveway and needed refreshing. The key requirement here was to be no slip for elderly visitors, as the driveway is on a slope.


Marshalls Argent blocks are a replica of natural granite and have a course non slip finish which suited the criteria perfectly. Although they are a modern style, they can easily blend in with a wide range of property ages and styles.

Firedstone paving with Tegula border

This is part of a small back garden where the existing grass lawn was continually a boggy wet space and unusable for much of the year. We removed the grass and laid Marshalls Firedstone paving, picture framed with grey Tegula blocks. Once we had replaced the 2 preformed fish ponds with a bespoke masonry feature, and planted the edges, it is now a cozy outdoor space, great for relaxing in the summer.

Firedstone autumn paving with large curve using Tegula kerbstones

Sadly this was a project where the ‘rogue builders’ had been at work previously. They had laid all new paving on sand, with no hardcore. Curving steps were put in that disnt flow, and the main patio had a huge puddle in the middle.  All we could do to make it right was to put the entire garden in the skip and start again.


We followed a similar shape to existing but split the garden into 2 levels where both were big enough to be usable, and repaved it using Marshalls Firedstone. Extreme care was paid to the curves as this was the main feature of the garden, each cut stone had to be absolutely perfect. It is now a perfect patio with Zero Puddles…

Makinson farm - Marshalls Antique alverno paving

This is a beautiful old farmhouse that needed a new outdoor space to fit in with the old characteristics. Paving choice was key and we decided on Marshalls Antique Alverno silver grey. These flags are ‘rumbled’ to round off all the edges and give a time worn finish, but are also hand selected to ensure the colours of individual flags are all similar. The problem with some inferior sandstone paving is too much colour range in a pack ranging from pink to prurple and orange which would not look good in this location..

Stone circle - standard Marshalls indian paving

The previous decking on this project was rotten and slippery, but also only provided a pathway around the lawn. We removed the decking and repaved in marshalls Harena paving but made it much wider by the back door with a circle feature to create a usable outdoor space and extension of the conservatory

Marshalls driveway

This is a recently completed project, taking over from a rogue cowboy trader! The client wanted a modern, low maintenance patio and driveway. We designed a new scheme using Marshalls Symphony vitrified paving contrasted with a Tegula border and resin aggregate. By incorporating a large sweeping curve between patio and driveway it not only defined the 2 areas but also broke up the 'squareness' of the project.

Terraced Garden

This was a sloping and wet garden with limited use. We have terraced it using pressure treated sleepers and excavated to create 2 levels. The garden has then been paved with Marshalls vitrified Arrento paving bordered with Textured argent blocks. The hot tub is surrounded by Symphony Vitrified timber effect planks for a great feature that is also non slip. To create a modern image the existing fence has been clad with a treated horizontal screening.

Other Projects

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